Best Top Level Vinity Corporate Vehicle Fleet and Asset Management Solutions

People also ask 10 Questions & Answers:

 1. Q: How does Vinity Soft’s Corporate Vehicle Fleet Manager 5.0 management software work?
Vehicle Fleet Manager by Vinity Soft allows you to customize the dashboard for managing the software. Maintenance program and service reminders, fuel log, inspection, parts list, vehicle information retrieval from API, tire log, real-time notification, vehicle service history, fuel tank management, track problems, spare parts purchase order, robust reporting engine, security recovery Withdraw, assign vehicles to your employees, renewal reminders, user notifications, security and permissions, quick and easy setup, themes can be customized as an organization.

 2. Question: What is fleet management system and asset management?
Answer: Vinity Soft’s management systems and asset management software can help companies, organizations, industries, factories and vehicle leasing companies, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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