Adams Invoice Book: Streamline Your Business Invoicing

Efficient Invoicing with Adams Invoice Book

Convenient Features for Small Businesses

Stay Organized and Professional

Here is the Adams Invoice Book, the perfect Invoice Book for effective and well-organized business invoicing. Three 50-invoice books, which include 150 two-part carbonless invoices, are included in this comprehensive value bundle. They are all designed to improve your invoicing procedure. Let’s explore the outstanding attributes that make the Adams Invoice Book an important resource for your small business.

Efficiency and Organization:

Horizontal Layout for Clarity:

The Adams Invoice Book offers a distinctive horizontal design that makes it easy to write down important facts like customer details, order numbers, and delivery addresses. There is enough room on each small (5-9/16 x 8-7/16) sheet to record up to 12 items sold.

Perforated Design for Precision:

The Adams Invoice Book assures accuracy and ease with a perforated white customer receipt and yellow duplicates. Simply rip away your customer’s receipt, keeping the carbonless copy for your records. The wraparound back cover maintains your invoices looking professional by avoiding any undesirable write-through between sets…

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