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Individual Software - AnyTime Organizer

(10% off) Best Individual Software – AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16 - Reviews in 2022

by orni shikder

Individual SoftwareAnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16

  1. Brand: Individual Software
  2. Rating: ITQlick Rating: 3.5/5,  Amazon Rating 4.1
  3. Platform: Windows, iPhone & Android
  4. Category: Password Management
  5. Language: English, French 
  6. Operating System: Mac OS, Windows, Linux
  7. User Manual: Read More…
  8. Web Site: AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16
  9. Amazon: AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16

What's new in AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16?

  • Individual Software – AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16 best Individual Software. 
  • Calendar can be optimized.
  • Layout Designer – There are 100+ attractive layouts for customization and numerous base themes that you can use to design attractive layouts.
  • Calendars can be customized and downloaded.
  • Design layouts can be shared and printed.
  • Address books and contacts can be synchronized with Google or iCloud account and access data from connected devices.
  • To-do list: Alarms can be set, and numerous important notes can be kept.
  • Event management can be done using electronic sticky notes.
  • Special Event Reminders
  • Alarms & Reminders
  • Driving directions can be added.
  • Import-export information can be added.
  • The right thing can be done at the right time using the clock at any time.

Organize your life and establish yourself socially and with your family!

Individual Software – AnyTime Organizer and all the powerful tools you need to organize your personal and professional life! Simple and easy interface makes it easy to access calendar, to-do list, budget, event, contact, alarm, notebook, password, cost friend, and hundreds of design combinations for events, birthdays, work in the calendar, easy to access and print according to print log Goes. AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16 is a unique software for organizing any organization.

Individual Software – AnyTime Organizer Deluxe 16 The best tools for managing organizations. Calendar organizes your daily tasks!

Individual Software – AnyTime Organizer, Include each of your tasks in the calendar. Such as personal, family,
Organize your social, event, call and appointment schedule calendar. Your work will speed up. Manage tasks according to your list. Time and date on the calendar Keep detailed notes and records of each contact. Many important events will be remembered. Include yourself in the calendar for how long you are on vacation.

AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16 Can be synchronized with iPhone and Android applications.

Individual Software – AnyTime Organizer No matter where you are. AnyTime® Organizer Deluxe 16 works with your smart mobile device by synchronizing with Google or iCloud account. You now have 24/7 access to personal, family, social, event, call and appointment schedules as per calendar.


  • Switch from calendar to calendar.
  • Record special days according to time and day.
  • Keep special days as reminders.
  • Create personal, family, social, event, call, mail and category.

Layout Designer

  • Design your own theme with 3000+ layouts and 15 bases for your theme customization.

Address Book & Contacts

  • Keep a record with a detailed photo of each contact.
  • Design PDF greeting cards for special occasions, such as birthdays, and anniversaries by time, and day, and keep them with reminders for mail.
  • Keep notes of what you learned from the process.

To-Do Lists

  • A record of each completed work can be kept.
  • Add important notes by alarm and date to personal, family, social, event, call, mail and appointment sections.

Import Export

  • Import data seamlessly from Microsoft® Outlook, Sidekick®, Lotus Organizer®, Day-Timer Organizer®, earlier versions of any time and other organizers.
  • Synchronize address books and contacts with Google or iCloud accounts and access data from connected devices.


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