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E-Z Contact Address Book Review in 2022​

Contact Address Book

The best address book software for keeping in touch with personal, business, official, business, and friends. It’s a handy tool for saving names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media addresses, birthdays, calendars, and comments. This software will keep you organized. Also, the software can be synced with the cloud program. This will ensure that your data will not be lost or damaged, and the data will be 100% secure. I reviewed the top 5 address book software of 2022 If you need you can buy this software I can get a commission if you buy. If you want to buy, see the post below.

E-Z Contact Address Book Review in 2022

  1. Brand: Elwood Software

      2. Platform: Windows

     3. Web Site: EZ Address Book Software | Simply the Best (

      4. Download Link: E-Z Address Book

• Lots of names and addresses, mail IDs, web site, social media, and customer descriptions can be added and it is easy and simple to use. Sort by EZ Home Program Category.
• After installing the EZ program, you need to connect to the Google phone book. Which will automatically complete the EZ Home program.

Contact Address Book

• Phone numbers are automatically categorized based on user-selected categories.
• Images can be added to each address book and can be viewed in the image gallery.

• Address books can be printed in three different formats. Names and addresses can be printed individually or by category with pictures and comments.
• You can print the envelope according to the print size of the printer. You can print the name and address in the envelope.
• You can print business cards, birthdays, anniversary reminders, calendars, and single or categorized reports using the EZ program.

Contact Address Book

• EZ Address Book can easily modify and delete phone numbers, emails, and others.
• A good function that can be sorted by daily reminders, daily reminder calendar birthdays and anniversaries, or any other information, encrypting the lockbox which will keep your information 100% secure. Google and MapQuest address mapping services can be connected.

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• You can customize the database according to your business, friends, and official category.
• There is the facility to add multiple databases. You can create separate databases with everything you have.
• Can be imported with name, address, email, website, and social media address.
• Google Phonebook can be easily connected. Many types of file permits support. Contact books can be imported and exported

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