True HEPA Air Purifier | BLUEAIR Smart Air Purifier

BLUEAIR Smart Air Purifier: Clean Air Made Smarter

The BLUEAIR Smart Air Purifier is an ideal helper when it comes with making the inside of your house healthier. It ensures that you and your family will breathe clean air while enjoying a smarter and more convenient experience thanks to the device’s cutting-edge features and technology.

The Power of HEPASilent Technology

The revolutionary HEPASilent dual filtration technology is at the core of the BLUEAIR Smart Air Purifier. In along with purifying the air more quickly, this innovative device uses 50% less energy and makes 50% less noise than conventional HEPA filtration alone. Say good-bye to dust, pollen, mold allergic reactions, viruses, smoke, and airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Faster Cleaning and Quieter Operation

Experience the potency of the Pure Max collection of BLUEAIR Smart Air Purifiers. With its HEPA Silent performance, it can clean a medium-sized room of 387 square feet in approximately 12.5 minutes on high, or up to 929 square feet of living space in just 30 minutes. Furthermore, its 23 to 50 decibels of whisper-quiet operation is ensured by its Quiet Mark accreditation.

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